Devandran Karunakaran

Lawyer - Ship Finance

Devandran Karunakaran obtained a sought-after training contract with a famous legal firm after embarking on a competitive path in the UK's attorney market. Recognizing the golden opportunity, he decided to establish his career in London rather than return to his home country of Singapore.

During his nearly 13-year residence in London, he not only regarded the city as his second home but also formed a vast network of professional connections and personal relationships. This network supported his career progression, leading him to work with multiple international law firms and even providing him with the opportunity to live and work in Piraeus, Greece.

With a reputation for his in-depth legal knowledge, he focused his expertise on the specialized fields of ship finance law, offshore energy, and renewables. In these roles, he consistently ensured that his legal skills complemented commercial and business strategies, maximizing benefits and profits for his clients. In 2020, he embraced a new professional challenge, joining PT Indo Energy Solutions as an advisor to the board of directors. Although the company is based in Indonesia, he maintained his residence in Singapore, frequently commuting to various Indonesian locations as his job required.

On a personal note, after settling back in Singapore in 2015, he crossed paths with Cornelia, his future wife. She was on a secondment from Germany, her and her family's home country. The city of Halle, Germany, has subsequently become a significant part of his life. In addition to cherishing his family ties, he has a deep passion for cooking, a skill cultivated by his mother, aunts, and grandmother. He strives to recreate the beloved dishes of his childhood, placing a strong emphasis on health and balance.

Together with Cornelia, he actively practices sustainable living and is dedicated to living a better world for their daughter. They are committed to food security volunteering, driven by the belief that no one should go hungry in today's world. Traveling is another shared interest, with their adventures taking them to various countries, including Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Switzerland, and Australia. They aspire to instill their love for exploration in their young daughter.

Elevating Industry Standards with DK Consultancy

We are excited to announce the launch of DK Consultancy, the latest venture by the renowned Devandran Karunakaran. Specializing in the maritime, offshore energy, and renewable sectors, DK Consultancy stands as a beacon of innovation and expertise. With a commitment to delivering value-driven, client-focused advice, Devandran Karunakaran and his team are poised to make a significant impact. Their deep understanding of industry challenges and dedication to providing tailored solutions marks the beginning of a new era in consultancy services. Join us in celebrating the dawn of DK Consultancy – where vision meets expertise.

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